Sandon Soccer Ltd

1 Every minute that a team is late for a scheduled kick off one goal will be awarded to the opposition at the discretion of Sandon Soccer staff  
2 Maximum of 8 players per squad with 5 players on the pitch during play, 1 as a goalkeeper.  
3 Substitutions can take place as many times as required when play has been stopped and the referee notified.  
4 Goalkeepers can be changed during a stoppage of play. Only once per game.  
5 No sliding tackles or headers  
6 No jewellery, watches etc are allowed to be worn.  
7 Shin pads are required.  
8 Football boots should be worn but no metal studs,  
9 Defending players must be 1 meter away from all free kicks and restarts.
10 No tackles or pushing near the kick boards.  
11 After a goal has been scored the game is restarted from the centre.  
12 Players are not allowed in the goal area. The goalkeeper is the only player permitted in the goal area.  
13 The goalkeeper is not allowed outside the goal area.  
14 The goalkeeper cannot kick the ball but must roll the ball underarm.  
15 After the ball has been rolled out by the goalkeeper the ball cannot be returned until the ball has been played by a second player.  
16 The ball cannot go above 6 feet. An indirect free kick is awarded against the last player to play the ball.  
17 If the ball is defected high off the goalkeeper, then the game continues.  
18 If the ball leaves the pitch the game is restarted from the opposite team’s goalkeeper  
19 All blue and red cards are at the discretion of the referee.  
20 Blue cards (sin bin) are for offences punishable by a yellow card in 11-a-side football. The time in the sin bin is 2 minutes.  
21 All red cards will result in a player being banned for the rest of the tournament. If a player receives 3 blue cards they will be banned for the rest of the tournament.  
22 If the referee or Sandon Soccer staff feel that a player is under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs they will not be allowed to participate in the game.