Sandon Soccer Ltd

The format for the summer tournament is as follows:

There are two leagues with five teams in each league. The length of these games will be 12 minutes, no half time.

Each team with play each other in the league with the winners getting 3 points, 1 point for a draw and 0 for a loss. At the end of the league stage the team at the bottom of each league will be eliminated from the competition.
The next stage is the knockout stage (eight teams remaining), where the games will also be 12 minutes in length, no half time.
In the event of a draw at the end of normal time the game will be decided on a ‘sudden death penalty shootout’

The winners from these games will proceed to the semi-final where the games will be 15 minutes in length, no half time.
Once again if the game is drawn after normal time a ‘sudden death penalty shootout’ will take place to decide the winner.

The final will be two halves of 12 minutes with a ‘sudden death penalty shootout’ deciding the game if the score is level after normal time.


The timetable for the day:

10:00/10:15 – Team registration
10:30 – First games kick off
13:50 – Knock out stages
14:50 – Final


There will be a trophy for the winning team, top goal scorer and player of the tournament
There will also be a refreshment stand where light refreshments can be purchased. You can pay with either cash or card.