Sandon Soccer Ltd

Sandon Soccer League Discipline Rules

Sin Bin (Blue Card)

Referees have the use of a sin bin (blue card), match officials will use these temporary timed suspensions in all instances in which are traditionally regarded as cautionable. The standard time for a visit to the sin bin is 2 minutes. Player receiving 3 blue cards during one season will be banned for one game.

Sending Off (Red Card)

Sandon Soccer operates its own disciplinary code in respect of red card offences in excess of the minimums as set out by the Football Association. If a player is sent off during a game, he/she must leave the playing area.

General Disciplinary Scale for Red Card Offences

These are entirely at the discretion of the Sandon Soccer management and the referee and can be increased / reduced at our discretion. There is no right to appeal through Sandon Soccer however if you which to do so the incident can be passed to the Essex County FA to deal with, at the discretion of the referee/Sandon Soccer management.

SSL/001 Receive 2 blue cards in a game 1 game
SSL/002 Foul or abusive language or gesture towards a referee, Member of Sandon Soccer staff or another player 2 to 5 games
SSL/003  Violent conduct, including kicking, elbowing or striking an opponent. This also includes attempting to undertake these. 2 to 6 games
SSL/004  Spitting or similar unseemly behavior 3 to 6 games
SSL/005 Threatening physical harm to referee 5 to 10 games
SSL/006 Assault on any referee or any Sandon Soccer employee Life ban

Any player playing whilst suspended will be banned for a further 2 weeks. The offending team will forfeit the match and have a score line of 10 – 0 awarded against them.

Any intent to harm a referee or Sandon Soccer employee by a player may result in the whole team being withdrawn from the league. Sandon Soccer reserves the right to ban any individual or team from all future participation in leagues or tournaments for violent conduct.

Any player or team sent off for violent conduct towards a referee or any member of Sandon Soccer management will not only receive a life ban from all Sandon Soccer sites, but also be reported to the Essex County FA, who have the power to enforce a ban from all forms of competitive football. In these instances, the police may also be involved.