Sandon Soccer Ltd

1.         Definitions
1.1       ‘SSL’ means Sandon Soccer Limited, company number 12130005.
1.2       “Player” the person who is attending the session.

2.         Pre-Hire Formalities (Pay as You Play)
2.1       Players should book via the website for the session they are wishing to attend. If the session is full up a waiting list will be created, and you will be contacted as and when a space becomes available. Players can book up to 4 weeks in advance.
2.2       The player shall pay their match fee in full before the commencement of the agreed kick off time.

3.         Cancellation
3.1       If a player has a need to cancel their place, a text or phone call must be made at least two hours before the selected kick off time. If no communication is received the player will be responsible for the full match fee on their next attendance.

4.         Failure to Show
4.1       If a player fails to appear without notice more than twice, they will be banned from any future Pay as you Play sessions.

5.         Payment

5.1       All players must pay £5 match fee per game.

6.         Behaviour

6.1       SSL reserves the right to prevent anyone from entering any of its sites if it thinks their behaviour and/or appearance is unsuitable or is likely to become so.  At all times the Player shall be wholly responsible for the actions.
6.2       All players must show consideration at all times and must adhere to all notices and signs on the site. SSL will not tolerate any rude or abusive language or the threat or use of violence.  Any player who demonstrates any kind of physical or verbal violence whilst at an SSL site will, at SSL’s discretion be immediately banned from the site.
6.3       No pets (other than guide dogs) are allowed onto SSL site at any time and smoking is not permitted in any areas.
6.4       No alcohol or illegal substances shall be consumed on a SSL site.  If any person is or is suspected of being under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, they shall be banned from SSL indefinitely. 
6.5       Football must be played on the pitches only.  Should any damage be caused due to non-compliance of this clause, all damage shall be paid for in full.

7.         Health and Safety
7.1       Appropriate safety equipment must be worn by each player at all times when playing.  Should players not adhere to this, they will not be allowed to play until such time as they comply.  Appropriate footwear is considered to be either trainers, astro-turf trainers or moulded studs which SSL strongly advises. No metal studded, or bladed trainers/boots are allowed at any time.  Any damage caused to the sites as a result of incorrect footwear or other equipment shall be the full and sole responsibility of the team who have caused such damage.
7.2       No jewellery is permitted.
7.3       Shinpads must be worn at all times during any game, this includes goalkeepers.

8.         Liability

8.1       Except for death or personal injury caused by SSL’s negligence, SSL takes no responsibility for any accident or injury suffered to any persons during use of the sites and/or surrounding facilities.
8.2       SSL takes no responsibility for any theft, damage or loss of property during use of a site and/or surrounding facilities.  Any property brought onto a site is done so at each players/teams’ own risk.
8.3       No SSL employee shall guard any valuables or property of any kind on behalf of players and/or their guests. SSL does not accept any liability in cases where property is left with any of our employees or representatives.
8.4       In any incidents of injuries or accidents to players, their guests or children, players must report them, and the circumstances surrounding them to an SSL employee immediately.

9.         Physical Activity

9.1       Players should only undertake activity to a level which reflects their physical capabilities and every individual is responsible for monitoring their own physical condition. SSL cannot be held responsible for any injuries or illnesses which may be suffered whilst playing (unless it is due to SSL’s negligence).
9.2       If a player suffers any injury or illness SSL strongly advises that they:         

  • stop the activity immediately, and carry out necessary first aid; and
  • inform SSL immediately who will then take applicable action. 

10.       Lost Property
10.1     If any lost property is found on any site, it must be handed in immediately to an employee of SSL. Any items that are handed in can be obtained from SSL whilst the specific site is open. Any lost property is logged by SSL and will be held for a maximum of 3 weeks before being given to charity.

11.       Parking

11.1     Players must park in the designated parking area and SSL reserves the right to clamp and/or remove infringing vehicles and charge a fee for removal. All vehicles must be removed before the site closes, and SSL shall not be liable in the event players/guests do not adhere to this.
11.2     All vehicles are parked at the owner’s risk and SSL cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to any vehicle whilst at such premises.
11.3     Care must be taken when driving in each of the car parks, and when arriving and leaving the site.  If a person is seen to be driving at excessive speeds or dangerously on site, they may be banned from SSL premises.

12.       Children (aged 0 – 17)
12.1     Players are responsible for the behaviour and actions of children (aged 0 – 16 years old), whilst they are on SSL sites.
12.2     Children must be supervised by an appropriate adult (18 years +) unless they are participating in an organised children’s event. Children must use the designated changing rooms. These can be available upon request.

13.       Application and Change to Terms
13.1     SSL reserves the right to change these terms at any time, without prior warning, and it is each Team Manager responsibility to ensure that they have read and understood them.