Sandon Soccer Ltd

Key Information:

- Sunday 7th June 2020
- Entry fee: £50 per team
- Team registration at 10:15am
- First kick off at 10:30am

ENTRY IS ON A ‘FIRST COME FIRST SERVED BASIS’, PLACES ARE ONLY GUARANTEED ON RECEIPT OF THE ENTRY FEE (Bank details will be forwarded on receipt of registration form)

Each team may have a maximum of 8 players in their squad (the same players must play throughout the tournament and players cannot switch teams during the day). You must enter your eight-man squad 7 days before the Tournament.

During the game, substitutions will be made on a ‘roll on roll off’ basis (this can only happen when the ball is deemed ‘out of play’ by the referee).

Format: (subject to the number of teams entering)

All groups/matches will be randomly drawn. There will be two groups, each team in their group will play each other once – each game will last for 8 minutes (no half times).

The top four teams from each group will enter into a knockout phase (a draw will be made). Each game will last 10 minutes (no half times), quarter finals and semi-final. Any games that are drawing at the end of the playing time in the knockout phase will be decided via a penalty shootout (best of 5).

The final will be 12 minutes (two halves of 6 mins)

Brief Overview of Rules (more detailed rules will be issued once you have registered)

- The ball cannot travel overhead height (6 feet), a free kick will be given to the opposition if this occurs

- The Goalkeepers are not allowed to leave their respective areas – and no outfield players may enter the areas – penalties will be given to the opposition

- No slide tackles are permitted

- Contact from player to player around the kick boarded areas must be kept to a minimum i.e. no barging or pushing each other against the boards.

- A Sin bin is in operation for any fouls/ arguing that the referee finds unacceptable and therefore deems a bookable offence.

- Any player sent off (red card) will be banned from the rest of the tournament.

For more information please contact Sandon Soccer Limited:
Tel: 07983 881270